Ya Elahi By Rinku Bangla Islamic Song Album

ya elahi islamic bangla song
ya elahi islamic bangla Song Album

Albdum Name: Ya Elahi By Rinku .

Ya Elahi By Rinku Full Album Free Download : 
128kbps zip (14 M) – Osthir 
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»»File: 01 Allahte Jar Purno Eman By Rinku.mp3
    Size: 1.9 Mb  ¦¦  Duration: 04:06 min
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»»File: 02 Bokhe Amar Kabar Sobi By Rinku
     Size: 1.4 Mb  ¦¦  Duration: 03 min
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»»File: 03 Deshe Deshe Geya Beray By Rinku
     Size: 2.0 Mb  ¦¦  Duration: 04:18 min
      Play or Download

»»File: 04 He Khoda Doya Moy By Rinku
     Size: 1.9  ¦¦  Duration: 04:07 min
      Play or Download

»»File: 05 Nobi Mor Porso Moni By Rinku
     Size: 1.8 Mb  ¦¦  Duration: 03:55 min
     Play or Download

»»File: 06 Son Son Eya Allahi By Rinku
     Size: 2.9 Mb  ¦¦  Duration: 06:10 min
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»»File: 07 Tohider E MorSid Amar By Rinku
     Size: 2.1 Mb  ¦¦  Duration: 04:29 min
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