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Trials Evolution Download
Trials Evolution Racing

Name: Trials Evolution PC Game

Trials Evolution Requirements: PC | Windows (7 / 8 / 10)
RAM:  8 GB
Release Date: March 21, 2013
Game Type: Racing
Game Size: 4 GB
Developer:  Microsoft Studios,Ubisoft
Language: English

Game Info:
Trials Evolution is RedLynx’s second release on XBLA and first in many years on PC.
Players take control of a trials rider and attempt to traverse courses in the shortest time and with as few faults (crashes) as possible. The game’s sixty tracks included at launch will start at a beginners level and will increase in difficulty through several tiers culminating in extreme tracks. The difficulty curve of Trials HD was a common sour point among critics, including Giant Bomb’s own Brad Shoemaker. This was addressed by the team at RedLynx by including more in depth tutorials and license tests which teach the skills necessary to complete the next wave of tracks and skill games. Day and night cycles have been added as well as outdoor environments, both firsts in the Trials series.

Trials Evolution download

Trials Evolution pc download


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